Pocket Squares

pocket squares


The Pocket Square or handkerchief has been an essential piece of clothing for thousands of years. From ceremonial purposes at the time when weaving fabrics was difficult, to being a necessary  head scarf if you were working all day under the Sun.

Today, It increases the elegance of any jacket by adding a flash of color with an intriguing pattern. It will look great combined with a tie or instead of it. 

You can place the Square in your pocket so that it shows a sliver, the center, or the corners.

As pretty as if you wore a flower on your lapel. Our Pocket Squares have great texture, unique colors and intriguing patterns. Perfect with business suits or cowboy outfits. 

A Pocket Square should not look like a table napkin, It should distinguish you. Please, don't go back to white cotton!

Your Pocket Squares show your personality.


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