Painting Without a Brush

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Juan M. Vallet - Painting Without a Brush

I paint imaginary places. They are surprising in form and color. Control over the lines,  color mixing, and general composition is very limited. The impact of the paintings comes from the quality of the light that produced it, the strange and natural patterns and endless colors.

Naturally occurring patterns are caused by many types of forces like splashing, dripping, ripping, amalgamation or suction.

Juan M. Vallet - Painting Without a Brush

Mixing two colors from paints with different base allows unique patterns to emerge.

Juan M. Vallet - Painting Without a Brush

Suction is a particularly powerful force for painting on glass. If you place a drop of paint in a glass plate and then press it with another piece of glass like a coaster, you will see natural structures reminiscent of a primeval  landscape.  

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