Backlit Macro Photography

flowers photography

I focus on backlit macro photography with vivid colors using flowers and clear sunlight. You want the sunlight to go through the flowers and into the camera lens to get the best colors and details. The macro lens is the one that I have found to produce the best colors.

Juan M. Vallet - Backlit Macro Photography

Some flowers were stripped and flattened to help the sunlight to traverse them, even the stem glows when it is cut thinly.

Juan M. Vallet - Backlit Macro Photography

Seven types of tulips plugged into plexiglass boards and held against the Sun. Can you see how sunny it was that day?... and look, an abstract glass painting in the background is peeking between the flowers.

Juan M. Vallet - Backlit Macro Photography

A bouquet of white lillies by the window sill, with color transparencies in the window providing additional colors. These were unique flowers in color and perfume sold at the Union Square Farmer's Market in New York City.

If you would like to see more, please go to my collection of backlit macro photography

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