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 Juan M. Vallet - Abstract 3D Glass Paintings

I paint abstract compositions on multiple layers of glass (up to 20) which are made separately and then stacked to produce a foot thick painting/sculpture. When the Sun goes through the different layers of glass paint, it mixes the colors dynamically, and the results change with the angle and intensity of the sunlight. Some moments are very special in terms of light and deserve a photograph.

Juan M. Vallet - Abstract 3D Glass Paintings

The painting is placed by the window and the photographs are taken when the Sun is in the right position. The glass panels can be moved forwards and backwards, flipped horizontally and vertically, and spaced individually to produce just the right density of form and color that the sunlight can traverse the entire depth of the sculpture and display all the color tones in their 'on' state. Opaque patterns stop the light from getting through. 

Juan M. Vallet - Abstract 3D Glass Paintings

The result depends on many factors but the most important is the quality of the sunlight at that moment. I like using and seeing as many colors as possible, and the sun going through multiple layers of transparent colors produces dazzling combinations.

If you would like to see more, please go to Collection of Abstract Paintings.

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