The print in our silk is made from abstract floral kaleidoscopic nurseries. The nurseries are images composed of hundreds of kaleidoscopic shapes. New hybrids are created by blending adjacent shapes. Shapes are unfolded and rotated to create a new generation. Our nurseries are several years old and the work is always in progress. We are a two dimensional flower farm.

All the details in our designs are grown organically, not rationalized. There are no symbols in our kaleidoscopes. Every so often, you will encounter common geometric shapes (like crosses or hexagons) which are used by human organizations. Every shape that we show on our prints (except my name) is purely a geometrical and mathematical construct. The texture and color in the prints comes from the original flowers or paintings.

Our designs are always in motion. You can follow the advance to the design of each color over time. Each time we print a batch of products, it is a new chapter for those colors. We never re-print. Our designs are alive and growing.

The source material for our designs is our own collection of close-up photographs of flowers and multi-layered glass paintings.

Brilliant shapes from Lillies, Roses, Tulips, Orquids, and Pansies from the Union Square Market in New York City.